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This website describes the functionality of QMRITools, a toolbox for analysis of quantitative magnetic resonance imaging data. QMRITools is a collection of tools and functions for processing quantitative MRI data, runs in the latest version of Wolfram Mathematica and is developed and maintained by Martijn Froeling. The toolbox was initially developed for the analysis of diffusion imaging data of skeletal muscle (Froeling et al. 2012). Over the years it has grown in its functionality and is currently used for the analysis, processing and simulations of quantitative muscle, nerve and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy data. The library of functions grows along with the research it is used for.

Release 3.16 is live!! Whole leg muscle segmentation with a single command.

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Live discussion with the Wolfram academic outreach team about QMRITools.
Presentation for the wolfram R&D Team about QMRITools development and functionality.

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Analysis & Processing

QMRITools contains various toolboxes for the quantitative analysis muscle, nerve and cardiac MRI data.

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Simulation & Validation

QMRITools contains functions for the simulation of diffusion, dixon, EPG T2 mapping and spectroscopy data.

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Demo & Documentation

For all functions extended documentation and demonstrations are available. It also includes various example data sets.

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