Runs in Mathematica or CDF player

Multi shell gradient optimization

Q-shell sampling

Within QMRITools there is a function called GenerateGradientsGUI, this function allows to generate gradients tables compatible with the philips MRI scanner. Since the list contains gradient directions and b-values in 4 separate columns it can easily be converted to other platforms such as Bruker, Siemens, Cannon or GE.

diffusion gradient optimization

For those who do not have a Mathematica license and therefore cannot run the QMRITools paclet there is also a standalone version of the gradient optimizer that will run in Mathematica Player that is free for everyone. The standalone notebook can be downloaded here where you should download GenerateGradientsGUI_v14.nb.

visualization of the gradient optimization result

Features include

  • single shell
  • multi shell (variable shell weighting)
  • cartesian grids
  • ivim with orthogonal sampling
  • gradient duty cycle optimization / randomization
  • half and full shell optimization
  • gradient visualization
  • text file export
  • interleaving of low or zero b-values
  • polar plot of gradient direction
  • gradient load visualization
  • gradient “overplus” generation

gradient duty cycle optimization