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A wrapper that calls the Elastix registration framework (Klein et al. 2010; Shamonin 2013). The toolbox determines what registration or transformations need to be performed, exports the related data to a temp folder and calls an automatically generated command line script that performs the registration. After registration is completed the data is again loaded into Mathematica. Back››

affine registration of muscle dti data

non rigid registration over time points

cardiac diffusion data registration


  • Klein, Stefan, Marius Staring, Keelin Murphy, Max A. Viergever, and Josien P. W. Pluim. 2010. “Elastix: A toolbox for intensity-based medical image registration.” IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 29 (1): 196–205. link››.
  • Shamonin, Denis. 2013. “Fast parallel image registration on CPU and GPU for diagnostic classification of Alzheimer’s disease.” Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 7 (January): 50. link››.