QMRITools package: Functions for DTI based fiber tractography.

FiberTractography Performs fiber tractography on the tensor.

FindTensorPermutation performs tractography for all tensor permutations and gives back the one that has the longest tracts (link).

FitTract Fits a tract with a polynomial function.

GetTractValues For each tract coordinate the value in a dataset is extracted.

FilterTracts Allows to filter tracts based on logic operators and ROIs.

ResampleTracts  ▪  MoveTracts  ▪  RescaleTracts  ▪  FiberLength

SeedDensityMap  ▪  TractDensityMap  ▪  TractLengthMap  ▪  TractAngleMap

PlotTracts  ▪  PlotSegmentedTracts  ▪  SegmentTracts

ImportTracts  ▪  ExportTracts