QMRITools package: Functions for fitting processing and analysis of DTI data.

TensorCalc Calculates the diffusion tensor. The default settings use an iterative WLLS (link) estimator with REKINDLE outlier rejection (link).

SortDiffusionData Sorts the diffusion data for ascending b-value.

ParameterCalc Calculates the MD, FA, and eigenvalues of the tensor.

ResidualCalc Calculates the tensor residuals.

DriftCorrect Correct diffusion data for signal drift (link).

FlipGradientOrientation  ▪  FlipTensorOrientation

ConcatenateDiffusionData  ▪  RemoveIsoImages  ▪  SigmaCalc

EigensysCalc  ▪  EigenvalCalc  ▪  EigenvecCalc  ▪  ADCCalc  ▪  FACalc  ▪  ECalc  ▪  AngleCalc  ▪  AngleMap

Correct  ▪  TensorCorrect  ▪  Deriv