segements the data. The what specifies the segmentation to be done. It currently allows for "LegBones" for the bones or "Legs" for the muscles.


  • The following options can be given:
  • TargetDevice"GPU"TargetDevice is an option for certain functions that specifies whether CPU or GPU computation should be attempted.
    MaxPatchSizeAutomaticMaxPatchSize is an option for SegmentData and ApplySegmentationNetwork. Defines the patch size used when segmenting data. Bigger patches are better.
    MonitorFalseMonitor[expr,mon] generates a temporary monitor cell in which the continually updated current value of mon is displayed during the course of evaluation of expr.
    ReplaceLabelTrueReplaceLabel is an option for SegmentData. If True the labels used in training are replaced with whole leg labels. The used labels are defined in GetAssetLocation["LegMuscleLabels"].