calculates the IVIM fit. data should be 1D ,2D, 3D or 4D. binp should be full bmatrix which can be calculated from the bvecs en bvals using Bmatrix with the bvalues in s/mm^2. init should are the initialization parameters for 2 components this is {s0, f, D, Dp} for 3 componentes this is {s0, f1, f2, D, Dp1, Dp2}. The fraction is defined between 0 and 1, the D, Dp, Dp1 and Dp2 is in mm^2/s. output is {s0, f1, D, pD1} or {s0, f1, f2, D, pD1, pD2}.


  • The following options can be given:
  • MethodAutomaticMethod is an option for various algorithm-intensive functions that specifies what internal methods they should use.
    ParallelizeTrueParallelize[expr] evaluates expr using automatic parallelization.
    MonitorIVIMCalcTrueMonitorIVIMCalc is an option for IVIMCalc. When true the proceses of the calculation is shown.
    IVIMFixedFalseIVIMFixed is an option for IVIMCalc and the default value is False. When set True the pseudo diffusion wil be fixed to the parameter given as init. When set to "One" only the fast component of a 3 compartment fit is fixed.
    IVIMConstrainedTrueIVIMConstrained is an option for IVIMCalc. When set True the fit wil be constrained to the values given in IVIMConstrains.
    IVIMTensFitFalseIVIMTensFit is an option for IVIMCalc. When set True the tissue diffusion component wil be calculated as a tensor.
    IVIMComponents2IVIMComponents is an option for IVIMCalc. Default value is 2, the tissue and the blood component. can also be set to 3.
    IVIMConstrains{{0.8, 1.2}, {0, 1}, {0.0005, 0.0035}, {0.001, 0.5}, {0.001, 0.5}}IVIMConstrains is an option for IVIMCalc. Default values are: {{0.8, 1.2}, {0, 1}, {0.0005, 0.0035}, {0.005, 0.5}, {0.002, 0.015}}. Where {{s0 in percentage},{fractions},{tissue diffusion},{blood compartment Dp},{third compartment}}.